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Christopher Vu

Christopher Vu



+1 236 996 7709



Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Areas of Expertise

Trauma Recover, PTSD& C-PTSD, ADHD, Self-Esteem, Self-Exploration, LGBTQ+ Identity, Grief, etc.

My Background

My counselling approach encompasses psychodynamic, person-centred, and trauma-informed. Through the psychodynamic perspective, we can unearth fresh insights into our lives. By incorporating art within sessions, it becomes a potent tool, connecting mind and body, enabling individuals to explore themselves and their concerns from novel angles.

As the first Vietnamese Professional Art Therapist affiliated with the Canadian Art Therapy Association and a Registered Clinical Counselor under the BC Association of Clinical Counselors, I hold a Master of Counselling Psychology focused on Art Therapy (MCP: AT) from Adler University. My studies centred on synergizing art therapy, psychodynamic strategies, and EMDR techniques.

Central to my practice is creating a secure and welcoming space for my clients. Within such an environment of safety and containment, genuine therapeutic breakthroughs can occur. My experience extends to addressing mood disorders, anxiety, substance misuse, end-of-life challenges, grief, self-esteem struggles, and fostering self-compassion. Your journey towards healing is essential, and I invite you to reach out and initiate a conversation. Let's collaboratively pave the way for your growth and well-being.

My Story: The Dream

I'm a truly "dreamer". From my early days, I possessed a unique ability known as "daydreaming." I matured surrounded by life's vibrant hues and magnificence. My profound passion for art, colours, visuals, sounds, and language became my refuge during life's challenges.


Eventually, I discovered that this inclination was connected to ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This revelation was puzzling and enlightening, shedding light on my other struggles.

I, with experience of living and working with the above issues, always look forward to meeting and working with you.


Colourblind - Photography


Strange - Watercolour


Bored - Watercolour

Breath of Youth

Breath of Youth - Photography

Granville Street

Granville Street, Downtown Vancouver - Photography


Yesterday - Photography

Chris is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, so you might find that some services that Chris offers might not be available online or outside of Vancouver.

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Sarah Newland

Art Therapist, DVATI, R-CAT

“Chris is an insightful, warm, and insightful counsellor. His background in art therapy is in-depth, and I always value his take.”

Martina Nova Menzies

Counsellor, MCP, CCTP, RCC

"Chris is such a talented and kind human being and therapist. His presence exudes empathy and patience, and he is an asset to the therapy community. Would highly recommend Chris!"


“I never thought that art therapy could be so powerful, but working with Chris has shown me just how transformative it can be. He is incredibly talented and skilled, and has helped me to connect with my creativity and work through some of my deepest emotional challenges.”
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