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Tại Đất Trị Liệu, chúng tôi hiểu rõ tầm quan trọng của sức khỏe tinh thần đối với mỗi cá nhân. Do đó, sứ mệnh của chúng tôi là hỗ trợ mọi thân chủ tại Việt Nam và Canada trên hành trình hướng tới một cuộc sống khỏe mạnh và hạnh phúc hơn.

Bạn có thắc mắc về những loại hình dịch vụ hiện có cũng như thông tin về đội ngũ các nhà tham vấn của Đất Trị Liệu? Đây chính là chuyên mục dành cho bạn!

  • Are the therapy sessions conducted in person or online?
    Dat Therapy offers in-person and online therapy sessions to accommodate the preferences and needs of clients in Vietnam and Canada.
  • How long is a typical therapy session, and what is the frequency of sessions?
    Typically, a session will last 50 minutes for an introductory session or 80 minutes for an extended session. The frequency and course of therapy depend on the client and their issues. According to Openforwards, clients will need 12 to 20 sessions to achieve one or more specific goals. The Counseling Directory in the UK recommends a minimum of 6 sessions to see one's therapy start to work. Each counsellor will have a different framework, and the frequency will vary based on that framework. Still, typically, clients should only go to the clinic at most twice a week for emergencies (signs of harming oneself, affecting one's safety, or other exceptional circumstances).
  • Does Dat Therapy offer specialized services for individuals who have experienced discrimination or trauma related to their identity?
    Yes, Dat Therapy provides specialized services for individuals who have experienced discrimination or trauma related to their identity, recognizing the unique mental health challenges faced by these individuals.
  • What can I expect from individual counselling sessions at Dat Therapy?
    Individual counselling at Dat Therapy is a personalized experience tailored to your unique needs. Our skilled counsellors provide a safe and confidential space for you to explore and address your mental health concerns.
  • Does Dat Therapy offer support for clients with neurodivergent conditions, such as ADHD or autism?
    Yes, Dat Therapy provides specialized support for clients with neurodivergent conditions, ensuring a customized approach that recognizes and embraces neurodiversity.
  • What age groups does Dat Therapy work with?
    Services at Dat Therapy are available to clients of various age groups, from children and adolescents to adults and older people. In Dat, everyone will be welcome.
  • Can Dat Therapy help with workplace-related stress and mental health challenges?
    Dat Therapy is always ready to receive and work with all problems that clients bring to therapy sessions. Don't hesitate to share these things with your counsellor.
  • What qualifications and certifications do the counsellors at Dat Therapy possess?
    All counsellors at Dat Therapy have a Clinical Master's degree in Counseling Psychology or higher. Currently, in Vietnam, because there is no specific practice standard for counselling and psychotherapy besides a Master's degree, counsellors do not need a related degree or practice certificate. Nevertheless, these certifications are significant for counsellors in Canada.
  • Are services available in multiple languages?
    Yes, Dat Therapy strives to provide services in multiple languages to cater to the diverse communities in Vietnam and Canada.
  • What types of therapy approaches does Dat Therapy specialize in?
    - Each counsellor will have different approaches and models in Dat Therapy, including: + Basic to advanced models and strategies in verbal therapy such as Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Couples Therapy according to Gottman therapy, and Systemic Desensitization Eye Movement Reprocessing and Reprocessing (EMDR)*. + Models that require clients to work directly with materials or indirectly through an intermediary tool such as Art Therapy*, Sandtray Therapy, Neurotherapy/Neurofeedback*, to name a few. - Each counsellor will also have their specialties and treatments. Even if they are trained in the same model, there are specific differences in how they work and use tools. Therefore, you can request which models, approaches, and counsellors suit you best. *Available only at our Canadian clinic.
  • Is Couples Therapy available for married and unmarried couples at Dat?
    Yes, Dat provides Couples Therapy for married and unmarried couples, recognizing that relationship challenges can arise in various contexts.
  • Is there a focus on preventative mental health at Dat Therapy?
    Your therapy process will include planning to avoid and prevent problems related to developing and working with your inner self. In addition, Dat Therapy also aims to provide additional topics and workshops on mental health topics in the future.
  • How does Dat Therapy approach couples therapy, and what issues can it help address in relationships?
    Dat Therapy's couples therapy focuses on fostering healthy communication and understanding. Our counsellors work with couples to navigate various challenges, such as communication issues, conflict resolution, and intimacy concerns.
  • Do I need artistic skills to participate in Art Therapy sessions at Dat?
    No artistic skills are required for Art Therapy at Dat. The focus is on the therapeutic process rather than creative ability, making it accessible and beneficial for individuals of all skill levels.
  • Does Dat Therapy offer group therapy or workshops?
    For the time being, Dat Therapy has no information or plans about opening specialized courses.
  • What is EMDR therapy, and how can it benefit individuals dealing with trauma?
    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a specialized therapy offered at Dat Therapy. It's effective in addressing trauma by helping clients process distressing memories and reducing their impact on mental health.
  • What services does Dat Therapy offer in Vietnam and Canada?
    Dat Therapy provides various services, including Individual Counselling, EMDR Therapy, Art Therapy, Couples Therapy, etc. Clients can discuss their needs with our team to determine the most suitable combination of services for their mental health journey.
  • Are there educational resources or materials available to complement therapy sessions?
    Providing additional information and documents for working sessions is a practical support and intervention tool in the work process (psychoeducation). These tools help you remember and work on your problems after each session.
  • What is the process to use for urgent support or crisis intervention?
    At Dat Therapy, we do not provide emergency support or emergency crisis intervention services. In these cases, please get in touch with the relevant department. + In Canada, hotline 1-800-SUICIDE: Call 1-800-784-2433, or 911. A team of nurses and doctors will appear immediately to help and support you promptly. + In Vietnam, contact your family and relatives to help you get to the nearest hospital.
  • What types of mental health conditions or concerns does Dat Therapy specialize in treating?
    Dat Therapy's team of professionals specializes in addressing a broad spectrum of mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and various mood disorders, tailoring treatment plans to individual needs.
  • How often should I attend EMDR therapy sessions for optimal results?
    For a treatment course using EMDR therapy, 6 to 12 sessions will be needed. However, in some cases, less than six sessions will be required depending on the issues or treatment goals (APA, 2017). It is also important to note that there will be some unique rules before and after working with a counsellor. Please read here to understand more about our EMDR service.
  • Are virtual options available for individual counselling, couples therapy, EMDR therapy, and art therapy at Dat Therapy?
    You can book an appointment with a therapist at Dat Therapy via the following link:
  • Can you provide more information about the Art Therapy Service offered by Dat Therapy?
    Our Art Therapy service is a creative approach to mental health. Through artistic expression, clients can explore and communicate emotions, providing a unique and therapeutic outlet for self-discovery.
  • How can I pay for my session at Dat Therapy?
    You can pay by cash, bank transfer, prepaid or postpaid cards. With ICBC and CVAP, you will have to pay a portion of the "User Fees" session, and you can send this cost back to your extended insurance so they can pay you. An invoice with your and the counsellor's information will be sent to your email. Please get in touch with us if you encounter any problems while working with the insurance company.
  • Will my insurance cover service fees at Dat Therapy?
    - Currently, only clients in the province of British Columbia, Canada, will have some extended insurance coverage for counselling and psychotherapy costs: + Please check with your insurance provider if they cover your sessions with a Registered Clinical Counselor (RCC). Some insurance will only cover therapy sessions by a Registered Clinical Social Worker (RCSW) or Psychologist. + For clients in provinces other than B.C., a few insurance companies will refuse to cover RCC practice titles that are only valid in the area of B.C. In Canada, associations of Counseling and Psychotherapy practitioners are legally protected, but in legislated provinces, third-party insurance may refuse to cover your counselling sessions. + As for clients in Vietnam, there is currently no insurance program that will cover the cost of this service. In the future, Dat Therapy aims to cooperate with large companies and participate in employee assistance programs (Employee Assistance Program-EAP) to help reduce clients' service costs.
  • Can I cancel a previously booked therapy session with my counsellor?
    Please notify Dat Therapy or cancel 48 hours in advance according to our clinic policy. The system will usually send you an email and text message two days before meeting with your counsellor; at this point, you can follow the link in the email to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You must pay for the session if you forget to cancel your appointment. If you book a new session within the next two days, the cost will be reduced by 50%. Please email us in advance in some exceptional cases, such as health problems, personal or family safety, etc. If you still cannot give a specific reason after two days, you will have to pay the cost of the session you booked.
  • Are there any discounts available for students or individuals facing financial constraints for individual counselling?
    Don't hesitate to talk about these issues with our counsellors. At Dat Therapy, each counsellor will have their own solutions related to your financial problems.
  • Is Dat Therapy LGBTQ+-friendly, and are counsellors here trained to address the unique mental health needs of the LGBTQ+ community?
    Absolutely, Dat Therapy is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community. Our counsellors undergo training to address the specific mental health concerns of LGBTQ+ individuals in both Vietnam and Canada.
  • How does Dat Therapy maintain a client's record, and is it secure?
    At Dat Therapy, we use the Jane App system with a database located in Canada. This system meets HIPAA standards (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). It will only allow you to participate in online sessions because the system sends a separate email 2 hours before each session. Please keep your email secure so you can log in and use links to online calls. If you create a new email, change your password or want to change any personal information, please get in touch with Dat Therapy or your counsellor.
  • How does Dat Therapy ensure accessibility and inclusivity for clients from various social and economic backgrounds?
    For now, in addition to support programs from third-party insurance, Dat Therapy also supports financial support programs for you, but this relies upon each counsellor. Each of our counsellors will have a different fee, depending on whether they accept clients under financial support. Thus, don't hesitate to discuss your financial status with your counsellor.
  • How does Dat Therapy address stigmas surrounding mental health in both Vietnam and Canada?
    Dat Therapy is committed to destigmatizing mental health issues. We promote awareness, education, and open dialogue to challenge and reduce mental health stigmas in both communities.
  • What measures are in place to ensure cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in therapy sessions?
    Dat Therapy values cultural diversity and ensures that our counsellors are trained to be culturally sensitive, providing inclusive and respectful mental health services in Vietnam and Canada.
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